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Visteon AC Compressor




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Visteon AC Compressor

The air conditioning system is one of the important systems in your vehicle which should be in good working condition for you to enjoy coolest interiors. The Visteon AC compressor pumps the refrigerant in a closed loop system. Located in front of the engine, the Visteon AC compressor is one of the two junctions which separate the high pressure and the low pressure sides of the air conditioning system. A mechanical pump the Visteon AC compressor is driven by a belt attached to the engine. The belt known as the AC compressor pulley has to be engaged and disengaged to the engine with the help of an electromagnetic clutch. The main function of the Visteon AC compressor is carried out on drawing the refrigerant from the evaporator in the low pressure side, compressing and sending it to the condenser in the high pressure side of the AC system. When you sense any problem with the working of the Visteon AC compressor then you need to look into the issue at the earliest.

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