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How to repair / troubleshooting of an auto AC Compressor - Part 2 of 3


Part 2 of the how to repair and troubleshoot AC system series goes more in depth.  It shows exactly how a complete AC repair kit is packaged and what else it includes besides the AC Compressor.  These parts are the AC accumulator (sometimes called the AC drier), AC O Ring seal kit, AC oil, and an AC expansion device (sometimes called AC orifice tube or expansion block).
Part 2 of the how to will also walk you through the most important part of an AC compressor install, the flush.  Flushing the AC system can make or break your repair.  System needs to be clean before the install can proceed - no exception.  The video also highlights how to change the AC compressor oil.  How much AC oil you need depends on the car.  Each car is different.  Refer to your car's specific manual to know the type and capacity of AC oil needed in your compressor.
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