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SD7V16 is an AC Compressor made by Sanden. SD7V16 is often Sanden's top ac compressor. The SD7v16 is part of Sanden's SD Series AC Compressors. These AC Compressors, including the sd7v16 have fixed displacement. They are known for their "wobble place" compressor feature. The SD series is available is both fixed and variable displacement types.

The SD7v16 specifically can have variable displacement anywhere from 5 to 100 percent depending of efficiency demands. All displacement is handled internally thanks to the internally placed pressure valve. For variable displacement, sd7v16 comes in a 7 piston model. The max speed for a sd7v16 is 8000 rpm, which is very impressive considering most cars on the road have engines which cannot come close to that redline. The maximum displacement is just above 160 cc's and the minimum displacement is just above 8cc's. This is how the sd7v16 derives its name, 7 is the piston number and 16 stands for the maximum displacement (160).

The sd7v16 comes in various shapes and sizes. The core compressor itself is not changed but there are a variety of direct and ear mounts available for the sd7v16. Also, not all sd7v16 models have the same clutch. Clutch configurations are different depending on the applications and vary by groove count and diameter.

A lot of the smaller Volkswagen and Audi cars use the SD7v16 such as the Audi TT, VW Golf, VW Beetle, and VW Jetta with the model year ranging from the mid 1990s to the mid 2000's. We carry all the different variations of the sd7v16. If you don't know if  your car has a sd7v16, search your car model here or call us directly at 1-800-398-3128.

Every SD7v16 we sell comes with free shipping and a 12 month/unlimited miles warranty is included, free of charge. This is not a standard, but a GOLD warranty which comes with additional features such as free shipping of defective and replacement part. We will even pay overnight shipping if needed to get you a new sd7v16 on the way.

We have compiled a list of the most popular Sanden AC Compressor parts and have cross referenced it with our part numbers. View the cross list here.

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