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Sanden AC Compressor Inspection Procedure Part 2



      Inspection procedures for the Sanden AC compressor units, how to check for smoothness and shaft inspection. How to inspect the clutch by measuring voltage and current draw. The last check for oil level is covered here and this process is to use the oil dipstick which is not provided as part of the compressor but will need to be obtained from Sanden. The oil dipstick will need to be inserted into the test port and the level can be seen on the notched part of the dip stick.

The shaft turning smoothness inspection should be done next, remove the compressor completely from the vehicle with all the caps removed use a wrench to turn the compressor. Turn the internals clockwise and check for areas where it is rough to turn, if there are any rough spots these are problem areas.

The clutch can also be inspected by checking the voltage going to the clutch and the current draw


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