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AC Accumulator and Drier

How to Repair / Troubleshoot an Auto AC Compressor - Part 3 of 3




Part 3 of how to repair, install, and handle troubleshooting of an AC system expands on AC components.  Besides the AC compressor, there is the AC Accumulator and AC Orifice Tube.  Both parts are very important to maintain a healthy AC system.  The AC orifice tube is a pressure drop device.  The AC Accumulator/drier is a filter device.  Part 3 concludes with instructions on how to evacuate and recharge the AC system.

Any time the AC compressor is changed, the AC accumulator/drier must also be replaced.  The AC Orifice tube must be examined, and it is recommended to replace it as well.  Where many do it yourself mechanics make a mistake is evacuating and recharging the system.  The final part of the AC compressor install is also the easiest one to mess up.  Watch closely.

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