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Mitsubishi AC Compressor

Mechanical pump by nature, the Halla AC compressor draws the refrigerant from the outlet of the evaporator, compresses and pushes it to the inlet of the condenser for cooling. If you sense any clutch burning smell or hear any belt-slipping noise under the dash, you need to check the working condition of the Halla AC compressor. Called the heart of the air conditioning system, the main function of Halla AC compressor is to draw the refrigerant from the low pressure side, compress and send it to the condenser in the high pressure side. The Halla AC compressor located in front of the engine separates the high pressure and the low pressure sides of the air conditioning system. A mechanical pump driven by a belt attached to the engine, the Halla AC compressor belt is engaged and disengaged to the engine with the help of an electromagnetic clutch.

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