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Ford A/C Compressor




Clean Ford A/C compressors at Discount AC Parts:

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Your Ford A/C system involves the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion device etc. The main responsibility of the A/C compressor is to compress and transfer the refrigerant gas. It is considered the heart of your car A/C system. The AC system has both a high pressure and a low pressure side which is also referred to as discharge and suction sides. The A/C compressor sucks the refrigerant gas from the discharge side in order to pass it to the condenser. The condenser then cools the refrigerant before changing it into liquid form. You can find the AC compressor and condenser in the outside air portion of your car AC system. If you find any change in the normal cooling of your vehicle, you need to check that issue as early as possible.

Discount A/C Parts provides the best industrial leading quality replacements parts. Our warehouses are located at many parts of the country, so you can visit any of our warehouses to get the Ford A/C compressor. You can also purchase the A/C compressor online. You need to select the year, make and model of your car to view the correct car parts for your Ford in our online catalog. From the catalog, you need to choose which AC compressor for your Ford that you want, or you can order over the phone 1-800-398-3128.

We carry many different Ford A/C Compressor models at Discount AC Parts.

A/C Compressors By Model

arrow Ford Aerostar arrow Ford Aspire arrow Ford Bronco
arrow Ford Contour arrow Ford Crown Victoria arrow Ford E Series Van
arrow Ford Edge arrow Ford Escape arrow Ford Escort
arrow Ford Expedition arrow Ford Excursion arrow Ford EXP
arrow Ford Explorer arrow Ford Fairmont arrow Ford Fairlane
arrow Ford Festiva arrow Ford Fiesta arrow Ford Five Hundred
arrow Ford Flex arrow Ford Focus arrow Ford Freestar
arrow Ford Freestyle arrow Ford F Series Trucks arrow Ford Fusion
arrow Ford Galaxie arrow Ford Granada arrow Ford GT
arrow Ford LTD arrow Ford Maverick arrow Ford Motorhome
arrow Ford Mustang II arrow Ford Mustang arrow Ford Pick-up Truck
arrow Ford Probe arrow Ford Ranger arrow Ford Taurus
arrow Ford Tempo arrow Ford Thunderbird arrow Ford Torino
arrow Ford Windstar

If you are unable to find the Ford A/C compressor or want to know more about our services please call our toll free 1-800-398-3128 support line or email us at [email protected] Free shipping is also given for all the orders over $50 US. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.

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