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Delphi AC Compressor

A/C Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser

Delphi AC Compressor



Delphi is one of the largest manufacturers of car parts in the world. The company has a diverse portfolio of products ranging from OEM parts sold directly to the car manufacturers to replacement OEM and replacement OE spec parts sold to consumers, mechanics, and dealerships. Delphi's roots go back to the later 19th century when it started at one of the first door bell ringing companies.

It evolved into GM's devision of parts in the old vertically integrated GM. The transformation continued into the Delphi today, one of the top auto parts supplier in the world. GM also combined operations of Delphi and AC Delco. Both Delco and Dephi were GM's suppliers and following a complex and convoluted series of mergers and buyouts, AC Delco and Dephi became part of the GM umbrella.

Delphi is primarily made up of three departments - dynamics and propulsion, safety, thermal and Electrical Architecture, and electronis and mobile communications. Currently, Delphi is a leader in producing replacement parts such as AC compressors, for all makes and models. In fact, Delphi sells some of the highest quality AC compressors directly to the auto makers and dealerships.

Along with AC compressor parts, Delphi also specializes in other "maintenance" parts such as alternators, radiators, ac compressor, and other heating / cooling parts.

We have compiled a list of the most popular Delphi AC Compressor parts and have cross referenced it with our part numbers. View the cross list here.


A/C Compressor

A/C Evaporator

AC Accumulator and Drier