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Delphi compressor is Delphi's best selling product in the Thermal division. The job of a Delphi compressor is pivotal to a healthy ac system. The ac refrigerant gas is compressed by the Delphi compressor. Also, as a secondary job, the Delphi compressor super heats the gas before sending it off to the condenser. Think of the Delphi compressor as the physical heart of the AC system, constantly pumping refrigerant throughout the ac system.

Nearly all GMC cars and trucks have a Delphi compressor. Which means every Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Buick, Saab, Saturn, come with a factory installed Delphi compressor. Delphi compressor parts are sold directly to the automaker and installed in the factory before the car ever touches the dealership. Once the cars age, the Delphi compressor will need replacing, which is the other half of the Delphi compressor business.

A Delphi compressor is one of the best in the market. Being inside of so many cars, by sheer numbers alone, a Delphi compressor gets more than average real life testing. Variable displacement design, die cast aluminum construction, and a high pressure relief valve mean the Delphi compressor is a safe, lightweight, and overall efficient model. Delphi compressor models come with various clutch configurations with displacement ranging from 125cc to 185cc, depending on the vehicle application.

At Discount AC Parts, the inventory is full of any Delphi compressor you might need. Every Delphi compressor we sell comes with free shipping via UPS. Also, we warranty each Delphi compressor for 12 months, unlimited miles. The warranty even covers all shipping charges if a defective claim takes place.

We have compiled a list of the most popular Delphi AC Compressor parts and have cross referenced it with our part numbers. View the cross list here.

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