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A/C Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser




Delphi AC Parts are some of the most common ac parts found in cars today. Delphi AC Parts have applications in different vehicles segments such as light vehicles - vehicles found in dealerships and heavy vehicles - industrial vehicles such as large vans, buses, etc. Delphi AC Parts are sold as OEM parts which get contracted expressly to car manufacturers. The car manufacturers install the Delphi AC parts in their brand new cars at the Factory site. Delphi AC parts are aslo sold as replacement OEM and replacement OE spec, sold to consumers, mechanics, and dealerships.

Delphi AC Parts parts are installed in most GM vehicles. Chevrolet and GMC vehicles as late as 1978 had factory installed Delphi AC Parts parts. Delphi, partially due to the Delphi AC Parts division, evolved into GM's division of parts. Delphi became even larger when GM combined operations of Delphi AC Parts with AC Delco.

Delphi AC Parts is Dephi's Thermal and Electrical Architecture division's cash crop. Currently, Delphi AC Parts is an international pioneer is technologically sound replacement Delphi ac parts such as AC compressors, driers, condensers, etc. for all makes and models. In fact, Delphi AC parts are some of the higher quality products which is why companies like GMC put Delphi ac parts in their cars, right out of the factory.

Delphi AC Parts include the whole range of ac accessories like compressors, evaporators, receiver driers, orifice tubes, expansion device, etc.

At Discount AC Parts, we have warehouses full of Delphi AC Parts parts. These are the same Delphi AC Parts parts you buy from the dealership without the extravagant dealership price. Our prices are, on average, 50% cheaper on Delphi AC Parts parts than the dealerships. All Delphi AC parts ship for free. We also warranty our Delphi AC Parts parts for a year and the warranty covers all shipping in the case of a warranty claim.

We have compiled a list of the most popular Delphi AC parts and have cross referenced it with our part numbers. View the cross list here.

Delphi Compressor Delphi AC Parts Delphi Air Conditioining




A/C Compressor

A/C Evaporator

AC Accumulator and Drier