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A/C Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser

Auto Air Conditioners


Auto Air Conditioners giving you issues? Discount AC Parts is your one stop shop for your all Auto Air Conditioners repairs. The first thing to know about auto air conditioners is that is it NOT one unit. You cannot go out and simply buy  "auto air conditioners." What a layman might refer to as auto air conditioners is actually 5-7 completely separate parts working together. Specifically, Auto Air Conditioners include the following parts - receiver / drier, compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, and orifice tube.

Each of the components play a very specific role in a Auto Air Conditioners system - the compressor pumps the entire system, the condenser acts as the heat exchanger and the evaporator manages the vapor in cabin. When your mechanic says something is wrong with your Auto Air Conditioners, chances are the compressor has gone bad. It is the most common diagnosis. The reason being, the compressor spins are very high rpms, much higher than the car engine's rmps and is constantly working.

If you ever have to replace the compressor, make sure all lines are flushed using an approved flush. This step alone with add to the Auto Air Conditioners lifetime. You should also change the receiver/drier with the compressor - it is the filter which keeps debris and moisture out of rest of the Auto Air Conditioners system. Whether or not the old receiver/drier is functioning is irrelevant; anytime you replace the compressor, the receiver/drier should be replaced. The rest of your car air conditioning system will thank you.

Everything you need to fix your Auto Air Conditioners is available at  In fact, we have pre - packaged Auto Air Conditioners kits which include 3 or more of the above mentioned parts at huge discounts over the car dealership and even the mechanic. The Auto Air Conditioners kits typically includes: a new compressor, new receiver/drier, expansion device, O rings, and oil - everything you need to get the compressor repair done correctly.

Any Auto Air Conditioners repair job is an easy job to mess up. It is easy to mess up even if you have done extensive work on your own car regularly. Reason being, the Auto Air Conditioners system is a complex web of 7 components working together in a high pressure, heat exchange process. Every part is linked to another. We highly recommend getting a mechanic's handbook, specific to your car, for all Auto Air Conditioners repairs.

We sell the same Auto Air Conditioners components you get from the local dealership but at nearly half the price. We have brand new OEM brand, brand new Discount AC brand and remanufactured OEM brand Auto Air Conditioners parts available. All Auto Air Conditioners carparts come with a full one year, unlimited miles gold warranty. "Gold" warranty means if anything goes wrong with the Auto Air Conditioners carpart, we will replace it and cover the shipping of the part both ways. Also, if needed, we will even cover next day air shipping of the Auto Air Conditioners part.


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