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Air Conditioning Compressor is considered as the staple part of every air conditioning system. In your vehicle's air conditioning system, the Air Conditioning Compressor is a very critical part, that needs a good care through out its life time. The main operations done by an Air Conditioning Compressor is to compression of the refrigerant and distribution of the compressed air throughout the Air Conditioning system and thats why it is considered as the most critical part of any Air Conditioning system. An Air Conditioning Compressor is a mechanical pump that is works by a belt attached to a vehicle's engine. The Air Conditioning Compressor pulley runs with the engine and compresses with the help of the AC compressor clutch, which helps in feeding the fresh air in to the system. The Air Conditioning Compressor absorbs the refrigerant from the evaporator from the low pressure-end and then compresses the air and injects it into the condenser at the high-pressure end. The Air Conditioning Compressor is acts as the junctions which divides high-pressure and low pressure ends in the Air Conditioning system. When you hear a belt-slipping sound or clutch burning odor from your dashboard of your vehicle, then its finest time to get a factory replacement of a new Air Conditioning Compressor.

If you sense any of the above troubles in your Air Conditioning Compressor, definitely, you need an exact factory replacement, which is available at Discount AC Parts. We have listed almost all AC parts in our online catalog which are highly tested and genuine parts at easily affordable prices. All you need to do is to select the right year and the model of your vehicle, and get the replacement part.

Free Shipping is available for all our parts. We are the only one offering these to the customers. Clutch included with most of the compressors manufactured by us.

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