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Your Audi A/C system provides perfect cooling inside the passenger cabin. The main job of the Audi A/C expansion device is to regulate the flow of refrigerant inside the A/C system. Its role is very important and helps in varying the flow of refrigerant according to how cold you want your vehicle. If you want it cooler, the Expansion device expands to release more refrigerant and when you want it less cool, it releases less amount of refrigerant.

The A/C Expansion device allows the liquid to pass through an orifice tube by sensing the temperature of the Evaporator, or Cooling coil. If you are you searching for genuine car replacement parts then Discount AC Parts is the right place to come. You will always find the best car parts, great customer service and the right prices at Discount AC Parts. Our car parts are tested to meet or exceed the industry standards and are perfect replacement for the factory-fitted parts. We are proud to be known for the quality of our car parts and our customer service. Since our warehouses are located in many parts of the country, you can visit any of our warehouses to purchase the A/C Expansion device at a discounted price.

Audi A/C Expansion Device Parts By Year
1990 1991
1992 1993

You can place an order in person but we recommend you order your A/C Expansion device on our online store. To view our online car parts database, you need to select the right year, model and make of your car. We will deliver you the A/C Expansion device as quickly as possible. We have warehouses in different parts of the country, so you can be assured of on-time delivery. We offer free US based sales and support. If you are unable to find the Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion device, we will find it for you.

Discount AC Parts carries OEM replacement and aftermarket parts at affordable prices. We do not sell any junkyard parts to our customers. We also provide free shipping for all purchases above US $50. If you are unable to find your A/C Expansion device for your Audi or if you need any technical assistance, call our toll free 1-800-398-3128 support line or email us at [email protected] You can contact our US based specialists from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.

Shop Your V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device Parts

Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device

Description: All Models       DACP Part Number: 60-40314

Special Price:   $5 plus $0 Core.

More Info
Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device

Description: With 10PA17C compressor       DACP Part Number: 60-40314

Special Price:   $5 plus $0 Core.

More Info
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  • Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device for All Models

    Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device
    Price : $5 plus $0 Core.
  • Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device for With 10PA17C compressor

    Audi V8 Quattro A/C Expansion Device
    Price : $5 plus $0 Core.

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