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In today’s market, customers are more demanding. They give importance to products which have outstanding quality at least price. To fulfill the needs of our customers, Discount AC Parts offers reasonably low priced 10P13A , but of outstanding quality. This product was previously handled only by dealers. At present, DiscountACParts.com sells outstanding quality A/C Compressor, Air Conditioning Condenser, and Air Conditioning Evaporator at reasonably low price. We also have a huge supply of Climate Control parts for your car.

Our manufactured products include 10P13A, 10P15C, 10P17C, 10PA15C, 10PA17C, 7SB16, 7SBU16, and 10P13 for all makes.

Free Shipping without Core Deposit is offered to our customers for all our parts. No one can keep pace with that. Mostly, compressors manufactured by us, come along with the clutch for the convenience of our customers to avoid the trouble of installing a clutch separately.

Our sales associates are available for our customers, when needed, from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PST.  Take a minute, make a call to us and find out further details regarding our parts’ quality and price. We provide you an effective customer service, well-organized parts, and advantageous technical advice in the business, regarding our parts.

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